Let Ana Weber's 360 Degrees Of Success Course Put You On The Fast Path To Full Circle Achievement.


Let Ana Weber guide you in achieving full circle life fulfillment. The 360 of Success Personal and Business Management twelve hour in-depth course is designed to present the four components of: Money, Time, Relationships and Energy and how they can be utilized to create a harmonious balance in your life. During this intensive twelve hour course you will have access to hands on tools and guidance designed towards attaining your life’s goals..

  • Essential knowledge from Ana on implementing the course into your life
  • Simple action plans that you can immediately put into practice
  • Essential knowledge from Ana on implementing the course into your life
  • Time management activities geared to identify how you utilize your time
  • Ways to channel and replenish your energy to overcome difficult challenges
  • Address the significance of food in achieving your overall well-being
  • Learn and understand how the four P’s: Passion, Preparation, Portion, and Priority create a well balanced life
  • Examine the importance of establishing and sustaining positive personal and business relationships



Ana Weber-Haber is THE 360º Business and Personal Coach. Best selling Author | Financial Turnaround Expert

Ana is a master at coaching entrepreneurs faced with challenging business issues. Her simple and powerful approach to life and business is documented in her best selling and inspiring books, The Money Flow and Money, Relationships, Energy, Time: The Four Essential Ingredients for 360° Business and Personal Success. Ana progressed from being a penniless immigrant from Eastern Europe to starting over in Israel and the United States; eventually becoming a successful executive and entrepreneur. She was instrumental in increasing a company’s annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in five years, and another business’ revenue from $100,000 to $12 million in three years. Despite the recession, she tripled sales to $30 million at her current company. Ana is a financial turnaround and time management expert who specializes in coaching entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized businesses. She helps owners align their passion and values with their business goals and life dreams. Ana provides them with practical concepts and tools to apply to their money and time management issues as well as business and personal relationships.

Ana’s warmth of spirit, sense of possibility and resilience are evident in her coaching, writing and relationships. She shares lessons from her multifaceted life and career to mentor others towards achieving their own success.

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