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You have within you all you need to ignite your success and passion for life. But you may be missing the most effective skills for managing your four most essential resources-money, relationships, energy and time- to create and live a full and satisfying life.

Once learned, these ‘360 Degree’ skills will keep your success and satisfaction growing for years, even decades to come!

“I am convinced, because I’ve seen it happen so many times, that if you bring the 360 Degree tools into action each and every day, you will soon reignite your passion for life, accelerate your success, and have a huge smile on your face! You will take good care of yourself, and become instrumental in helping others along the way.”

“Get a 360 Degree view of the possibilities your life offers, and quickly see how to build the life you desire. Personal and professional abundance are within your reach!”

-Ana Weber PhD, Certified Professional Executive Coach

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Through the inspiration of Ana Weber’s course, I have experienced a total new awareness and life awakening. I am now using some of the tools and they are making difference in my life in the areas of making more money, feeling more passion, experiencing higher energy, improving my relationships with people and food, and accelerating my achievements.”

“I’m also experiencing a much better, calmer, positive and clear frame of mind. I love what Ana teaches!

Eric Weidle, Travel Guide Expert, Play Producer, Actor, Helsinki, Finland

The Course

Gosia and Monika

What we learned from the ‘360 Degree’ course brought us a thriving business, increased sales, increased recognition, and increased overall success in all facets of the business and in our personal lives. ‘360 Degrees’ transformed us from where we were to where we aimed to be.”

“Doing business with a sibling may create a different business dynamic, but using Ana’s powerful tools, we took our sisterhood and our business to the next, even more successful level.”

“We are deeply and sincerely grateful to Ana and her ‘360 Degree’ program. She showed us how to convert our life from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Gosia and Monika, Founders of Virgin Raw Foods, Los Angeles, CA

Develop Proven Skills to Manage your Most Precious Resources

Like everyone else, you have access to four essential external resources – money, relationships, energy and time – as well as your mindset. So why do some people develop more life satisfaction and success, even starting with fewer resources?

Through the five modules of the course, you’ll unravel the mysteries of:

Money: Master or Servant?

Ana Weber MoneyWhen you have a good relationship with money, you have more of it in your life.As in any relationship, with money there’s give-and-take. We listen. We hear. We support one another. We leave fear, intimidation, apprehension and mistrust behind. Instead, there’s connection. In the first module, you deepen your relationship with money by entering that give-and-take flow. The more you get into the flow, the more money shows up—a cycle you’ll want to go through again and again!

Make money your friend, instead of your enemy!

Relationships: We are Not Islands

Ana Weber RelationshipsPeople need other people to create success, joy and fulfillment. That’s why we naturally want to connect in relationships.In this module, you’ll learn how to recognize which one of five phases any relationship is in, so you can more easily nurture it or move it to the next phase, if appropriate.

Mastery of relationship flow reduces stress while increasing your self-esteem.
You get that job or purchase order because you are comfortable with people and enjoy opening doors – a key element of Your 360 Degrees of Success!

Energy: Spark It, Don’t Sap It

Ana Weber EnergyEnergy is not only a tool for getting things done, it is also a magnetic force that draws people towards you. In this module, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset and perform tasks that energize rather than drain you. Abundant energy improves your focus, your awareness and your attitude, so that even when results do not show up right away, you feel more content with your day’s accomplishments.

Once you start practicing the energy skills and focus on creating positive energy, you’ll have plenty of energy to share and let flow out into the world. Soon, you’ll start receiving it back!

Time: It’s Ticking

Ana Weber TimeWhen you feel stressed and overwhelmed, you might think, “I don’t have enough time.” In this module, you’ll learn how to arrest the time thieves and apply time systems that shift your life from overwhelmed and stressed out to easily managed and happy. You’ll waste less time on things like judgment, worries, and chasing perfection, leaving more time for what you need to do according to priority, whether that’s getting more done or enjoying more leisure and family time.

Make time your friend so as it ticks forward, you enjoy every step in attaining Your 360 Degrees of Success.

The Ancient Wisdom of Hats

Ana Weber Ancient Wisdom of HatsDoing what you love may make you happy while you’re doing it. But what about the rest of the time? In this module, you’ll learn how to love whatever you do simply by “changing hats”. You’ll identify the different roles you play in your life, and connect what you don’t enjoy doing to the results that you do want and enjoy. Then moving into whatever comes next will flow naturally without force, stress or resentment, because you’ll really enjoy every role you assume.

Discover the secret of switching hats and the true personal liberty of living Your 360 Degrees of Success!

Just imagine what it will be like when you stop chasing silver-bullet solutions, and instead use these tools to sustain a continuous positive self-transformation!

Watch Ana talking about her 360 Degrees of Success Course at the
Entrepreneur Symposium hosted by High Point University

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The Method

Coleen Black

I am a professional artist and author, a career that ranges from sometimes unpredictable to outright unreliable. To make a living, I must follow the example of successful artists and acquire a particular savvy for business.”

“The 360 Degrees of Success course contains some of the best advice I have heard, and includes some of the best lessons for stepping out and shining in a world where integrity and altruism stand to be such assets in the business world and beyond.”

“Not only does Ana describe this all-too-needed form of good business sense, she also stands up for the creativity one must take on to be altogether happy in one’s heart and ahead of the game. Applying both in a ‘360 Degree’ balance has not only spiraled me into a season of success in the art world, but given me a genuine sense of peace.

Colleen Black, Artist, Author, Seattle, WA

A Learning Method that Fits your Busy Lifestyle

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have 24/7 access to the Ana Weber Academy: an elegant and easy-to-use online platform where you’ll experience Your 360 Degrees of Success at your convenience on your computer or laptop.

It not only walks you through mastering the 360 Degree tools, it also shows you how to put your new skills into action, guides your initial steps, and keeps you accountable for following through.

You’ll start with our 3-Step Pre-course Orientation designed to assess where you are in your life now and where you want to be at the end of six months.

Once you move into the modules, there’s a lot to explore, so you’re free to complete the five modules in your own time and pace.

Each module provides an introductory video, as well as an in-depth training audio that sets you up for success. You can download the audio tracks onto your MP3 or CD player and take them wherever you go. Listen to the lessons while jogging, during a commute, on the subway or enjoying the great outdoors.

Alex Beyer

Since I met Ana in 2007, my career and personal life have both steadily flourished. She gave me a ‘360 Degree’ look at where I am and where I want to be.”

“She inspired me to start my own business. Now my ‘Genius Juice’ is carried in several stores across California and is headed into national distribution.”

“My business growth was expedited by the principles Ana highlights in Your 360 Degrees of Success. Those principles also give me the strength to become better, to believe in myself, and to achieve personal and business goals. I have every confidence they’ll work for you too.

Alex Beyer, Founder and Owner, Genius Juice LLC, Torrance, CA



Accountability and Feedback to Develop Strong Skills

In each module, you work through proven exercises and easy-to-implement steps that put into practice all that you have learned. You can use the innovative Intention Tracker for accountability so you stay on track with your goals.

Plus you’ll be invited to attend Ana’s live monthly calls, where you can get answers to your questions and strategies for any challenges that come up. You can sign up at any time and start attending the calls immediately.

Your course access continues for a total of six months from the time you sign up, so you can review, revisit and take in the experience at increasingly deeper levels.

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Amy Frost
“Ana Weber’s book and gentle, loving guidance have inspired me to take action in kind ways. These actions created significant change not only in my work, but more important, in my relationships. Her style is user-friendly and easy to follow. If you want to make changes in your life, Ana and her work will motivate, inspire and encourage you to move forward step-by-step to your dreams.”
Amy Frost, MBA and MA Psychology, Life Manager, Las Vegas, NV

Join Ana and Participants from All Over the World

The ‘360 Degree’ tools and skills will support you when life challenges come your way, when disappointments arise, and when it seems the world is against you. Of course as a human being, you will continue to occasionally make mistakes, overlook important things, and have unrealistic expectations.

But when you apply the ‘360 Degree’ skills, you will know how to continue the journey by creating a bridge to something new. Every time you cross one of those bridges, you will smell the roses, breathe in the newness of life, and feel free and content. Your journey will not be perfect, but you can make it a journey you love, with a purpose for tomorrow that inspires true success and passion for life today.

Ana Weber with Avi Yesawich, General Manager of Park Lane Hotel, and other executive department managers following the introduction of the 360 Degrees of Success workshop. Photo taken at Park Lane Hotel, New York.

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Racha Zeidan
“Ana Weber’s books and courses play a significant role in my life personally and professionally. The wisdom and the tools she shares create tremendous progress and success in the present and ignite so much more for the future. I recommend her course and materials to anyone who is looking to shift from stress to success professionally in business and at home with your family.”
Racha Zeidan, Photographer and Author of Great Body No Diet, Trinidad

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